We offer the finest in engineered metal products, using three production styles.

Our experts in precision tooling and production and precision machining are ready to create just the right product for you, all right here in the U.S.A.

Production Machining

Our innovative CNC production machining allows us to offer you the best in engineered metal products at the most cost-effective prices.

Allowing for multitasking work, our production machining enables us perform various operations unattended and without moving the part to other machines, which saves time and cuts cost.

Precision Machining

Our Precision Machining enables us to build-to-print steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, and composite products with high-quality precision.

Precision Tooling

Our Precision Tooling operations allow us to work with you to find new ways to improve product quality and efficiency.

Our tool reliability and high performance enables us to operate longer with better quality, and the reduced heat maintains product integrity and structural strength.

We're Here to Serve You!

Our engineered metal products serve many industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Tooling Systems
  • Heavy Industry
  • Agricultural

"Let us put our over 85 years combined experience to work for you. Call us today!

- Dave Ladd, Owner